Elsewhere Cabin A

Georgetown, Texas

Elsewhere, an Austin-area vacation rental company, commissioned me to design their first cabin. My goal was to create a compact living space with everything one would need for a weekend of focus and fresh air.

client Elsewhere
size 160 sf
team Elsewhere, builder
publication Dwell
"Cabin Achiever"
January 2019 print edition, p. 54-59
"A Tech Professional Heads to Texas and Builds a Tiny Off-the-Grid Cabin for $25K"
January 2019 online edition

The atmosphere I aimed to recreate was that of a Texas porch. It’s a serene feeling of sitting outside in the heat, the breeze, and the rain under the shade of a roof. A 10' folding glass wall allows the entire living space to become a porch.


The exterior siding is cedar charred on site.


It was important the cabins be functional off-grid. This would give guests a greater sense of detachment and allow periodic relocation. To this end, I designed the cabin on a trailer base with on-board utilities. Solar panels provide power for lighting, hot water, and wifi. The bathroom has a composting toilet and a shower and sink fed by an on-board water tank.


On the inside, I avoided filling the miniature space with normal-sized house furnishings. Instead, I outfitted it with integrated, compact, multi-purpose components. A singular surface transitions from desk to sofa to kitchen counter.


Tucked under a loft are a kitchen, storage area, and bathroom.


Behind the kitchen is a compact bathroom.


The living space and kitchen counter surface continues into the bathroom. A frosted glass panel provides a faint view of the continued surface on the other side.


Tiny structures are enormously fun to work on together. Thinking about one of your own?